Don’t let a hangover ruin your holiday


While it’s one thing to have a hangover in the comfort of your own home and write off a day eating and watching TV, it’s an entirely different ballgame when you’re travelling. When you’ve got a limited amount of time in a foreign city, every second is precious. Here’s how to still make the most of the day even when your head is pounding.


Don’t wallow in your misery
It’s tempting to stay in bed and rest your head, but this will do little to make you feel better. While I’m not suggesting you leap up at 6 am, anything past 10 and you’re better off getting up and embracing the day. Water, food and fresh air will make you feel better than bed.


Have a shower
It may sound obvious but a shower will make you feel fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead. Also if you’re checking out, it means you won’t regret not having one when you don’t have that luxury later.


Essential items …
For the day include a large bottle of water and headache tablets. Get these before you wander too far afield so you can rehydrate and combat any headache asap.


Plan of attack
What’s worse than having a hangover? Wandering around aimlessly looking for food when you are hungover. Before you leave your accommodation, decide on a breakfast /coffee place, and work out the best way to get there.


Walk it off
Using your legs when hungover can seem all too much, however there’s nothing better than fresh air to wake you up and make you feel alive again. Give your brain a break and use Google Maps to find the best way to walk to the breakfast /coffee destination.


walking with a hangover


Make or break
You’ve made it to breakfast. Don’t drop the ball here. Make sure you choose a breakfast that will both satisfy and sustain you for the day ahead. This can be a typical case of when your ‘eyes are bigger than your belly’, so make sure your brain does the ordering. A meal that involves some carbs and protein is best, such as eggs, bacon, avocado and toast – but nothing too stodgy or hard to digest or you’ll be headed straight back to bed – if you’re lucky enough to still have one at this point!


Plan B
Now’s the time to plan out the rest of your day. Discuss what you, collectively, feel up to doing. Try not to be overly ambitious as you’ll end up biting off more than you can chew and feeling disappointed or exhausted. Make sure you have a good mix of walking and sitting activities. If you’ve wanted to do an open top bus, or see any shows, today is a good time to do so. Activities to avoid include shopping – impulse purchases are too risky right now – and free walking tours – we know how anything that involves a lot of physical exertion ends.


Plan C
If it’s all too much don’t despair. Pick a nice outdoor (weather permitting) spot and armed with some good food and water go and have an impromptu picnic. This is still a completely acceptable cultural activity – just think you’re practically living like a local now.


While it may not feel like it at the time, you will survive the day and by following the above tips you may even thrive. Whatever happens the same principles of keeping hydrated, food and coffee all apply regardless of where you are.


A final word of warning – leave plenty of time for any travel. You’re not operating at your optimum level and mistakes are bound to happen, so don’t leave yourself in any position to miss flights, for instance, otherwise you will create an even bigger headache for yourself!


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