Don’t use the hotel hairdryer!


Unless you are prepared to forgo space and weight luggage limits to pack your favourite styling blower, then you’re probably the type of traveller who uses the hotel bathroom hairdryer.


Until now …


Turns out hotel hairdryers are a horrible hotspot (pun intended) for grime and germs. They are, in a word, grotty, and one can only imagine what some guests use them for other than styling their locks.


Microbiologist Chuck Gerba worked with US network ABC to investigate hotel cleanliness and found hairdryers were among the most conspicuous items for contamination.


“There must be some things you can do with a hairdryer that I am not aware of, because some of them were pretty germy,” said Mr Gerba.


His investigation revealed that, because they’re often ignored during room cleans, some of the tested dryers could become dirtier than sinks and toilets. Some may even go for years without being disinfected.


And this investigation didn’t just focus on cut-rate accommodation either. Nine of the 11 rooms tested cost around $500 per night. Six of these rooms had sinks that were downright disgusting.


Maybe next time, just pack a hat.


Do you use the hotel hairdryer? If so, will you keep using it?


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