Fiji: Where happiness finds you

I have to admit, I’m a sentimental beast at the best (and often, worst) of times, so when I saw this brief one-minute video, it gave me goose bumps.

Opening with a gently humming mother holding her baby on a beach, this simple, yet emotionally charged commercial is part of a new wave of promotions for Fiji Tourism.

Featuring Fiji’s pristine environment as a backdrop for it’s incredibly hospitable and happy people, this video certainly highlights the nation’s bula spirit.

‘Bula’ is a way Fijians say ‘hello’. According to Go Fiji, the full saying is “Ni sa bula vinaka” (pronounced as nee-sahm-bula-veenaka) which equates to “wishing you happiness and good health”.

The nation’s new tourism slogan is ‘Fiji: Where happiness finds you’. We think this video gets the campaign off to a flying start.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how a tourism board works with agencies to create such effective campaigns.

Have you been to Fiji? Would you recommend a visit to our members?

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