Find your ‘not-so local’

Airbnb has expanded its accommodation options, now including a range of regional pubs, were the accommodation aggregator hopes Aussies will find their ‘not-so-local’.

After a campaign that awarded publicans grants of $50,000 each as part of the Country Pubs Project, Airbnb has now launched a promotion to entice Australians to regional areas to experience the ‘true blue’ hospitality of a country pub.

The grants were put towards refurbishing and renovating old pubs. Publicans worked alongside local tradies and suppliers to breathe new life into the rooms and inject their own local personality and country charm. Experienced Airbnb hosts then got together with the publicans to show them how to get them going on the platform in order to attract more overnight visitors, reports Travel Weekly.

A new TV campaign has been launched to tell the story of the pubs and the communities, appealing to potential travellers to book a stay in a true blue watering hole.

“Pubs are the beating heart of our local communities – communities which have been doing it tough due to drought, waning tourism and economic disruption. Through this campaign we really want to shine a light on the characters that make these beloved institutions so special and encourage people to get out of the cities and enjoy a quintessential country experience,” said Airbnb country marketing lead Daniel Gervais.

“It’s also about showcasing the incredible things to do in regional Australia – whether that’s exploring an old gold mining town or hiking to waterfalls.”

When was the last time you stayed in a regional pub? Is it something that you’d do soon?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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