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Five things for over-50s to do on Hamilton Island

A visit to Hamilton Island is a great stop-off point to explore the stunningly beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

As the commercial centre of the islands, with its many accommodation options, charming shops and vibrant marina, it offers an excellent combination of the area’s natural beauty and modern luxury.

What’s the best way to while away your time on Hamilton Island? We give you five of the best.

But, before you embark on any adventure, be sure to check the weather. Always. It can turn from humid sunshine to drenching rain in minutes.

Take a cruise

Seems obvious, but you should explore the beautiful Whitsundays from the water. The cruising options are varied. You can give in to your inner secretly-want-to-be-a-millionaire and hire a yacht and self-cruise with friends and family or be a willing passenger on a day cruise or evening barbecue.

Even your choice of vessel is flexible – from romantic ships under sail to sleek catamarans.

A personal favourite is the evening barbecue cruise, and a snorkelling day tour is another popular option.

Catch the bus

Hamilton Island has two free buses. One very short one that travels between the Reef View Hotel and accommodation areas and the marina, and another one that takes 40 minutes and covers a large chunk of the island.

Both are good, but the longer tour is a great way to see much of the island at your leisure. And it has that magic word: free! 

Do nothing

There are many great places to do nothing on Hamilton Island. You can do nothing on your balcony, you can do nothing in or by the pool. You can also do nothing on the beach or enjoy a beer on the verandah of the Marina Tavern. Find a bench at a lookout with water views and do nothing there.

There are many ways to do nothing on Hamilton Island, and I recommend them all.

Walk it out

The opposite of doing nothing is enjoying the many walking tracks around the island. While Hamilton Island is the most developed in the Whitsundays Islands, it still has hundreds of kilometres of walking tracks in pristine bush.

Trails open from 5.30am, and there is much variety, from trails suitable for those who left exercise behind many years ago to the impressively fit. Stick a couple together if you are feeling ambitious.

My tip, if you need a map – and you probably will need a map – try to  keep it in a plastic cover. A couple in our group got caught in the rain on an extended hike and their map disintegrated. Thankfully, they had their phones on them, but they certainly missed lunch.

Visit here for a guide to the most popular trails.

Hire a buggy

The main form of transport around the island is by electric golf buggy and they are tons of fun.

The thrill is probably over for golf enthusiasts, but for people like me who agree with Mark Twain that golf is a good walk ruined, a golf buggy provides a ridiculous amount of enjoyment.

It certainly gives you a lot more flexibility getting around the island or just carting groceries back to your accommodation.

There’s even a slightly daggy daily buggy rally designed to take you to some of the island’s less explored areas.

Have you been to Hamilton Island? Do you have anything to add to these suggestions. Why not share them in the comments section below?

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