Five top tips for travelling as an introvert

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Although travelling is a wonderful experience, it requires energy, time and resources. And, for introverts, this can be tiring. 

What is introversion?

Individuals who identify as introverts often find comfort in quiet environments and enjoy their own company. Their social battery tends to deplete more quickly in public or loud social settings. 

One of the most common misconceptions is that introversion is synonymous with shyness. Introverts may not necessarily be shy, but prioritise meaningful connections over superficial interactions. If you are an introvert or someone who doesn’t like stepping out of their comfort zone, then travelling may pose some challenges for you. Here are five valuable tips that cater to the introverted traveller.

Travel solo

Solo travel offers an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. While interactions with locals and fellow travellers may be important in some situations, constant group interactions can be overwhelming for introverts.

Travelling solo as an introvert doesn’t mean avoiding people or social interactions altogether. Rather, it’s about tailoring a trip to align with your preference for enjoying some time alone and creating meaningful connections.

The freedom to set your own pace on a trip and design an itinerary where you can fully immerse yourself in each experience is unparalleled. 


Solo travel is fantastic, but exploring the world with a friend or family member is immensely rewarding too. 

Expressing your preferences and boundaries during group travel may not be as easy as it is for your extroverted counterparts. However, effective communication is crucial for everyone to enjoy the trip. Sharing your preferences, interests and boundaries with travel companions will help them understand your needs and take them into account during the holiday.

Establishing clear communication channels early on can help prevent any misunderstandings and help create a harmonious environment. For example, if you’re joining a group trip to explore a busy city, explaining your need for some quiet time every now and again will help your fellow travellers understand when you take a moment away.

Communication will also help the group create a balanced itinerary that accommodates everyone.

Do not become a people pleaser

One significant hurdle that introverts often face during travelling is the tendency to succumb to people-pleasing behaviours. While the desire to avoid conflict within a group is understandable, you must strike a balance between accommodating others and staying true to your preferences during your travels.

You may sometimes find yourself prioritising others’ desires over your own. This can lead to exhaustion during or after the trip. A way to avoid this is to set clear boundaries and communicate your needs openly with fellow travellers.

Set aside time for yourself

Unlike extroverts who thrive on social interactions, introverts often find solace in quieter moments. If you enjoy it, allocate some time during each day for activities that give you peace, such as journalling or reading. This allows you to recharge mentally and will keep your energy levels sustained throughout the journey. 

Don’t be afraid to sip some coffee in a quiet cafe, go out for a meal by yourself or take a stroll through a serene park on your own.

Choosing the right location

Selecting the right destination is important. Research places that offer a good balance between exploration and solitude. A naturally calm destination with serene landscapes and fewer crowds can be the ideal backdrop to unwind in. Alternatively, booking a hotel or Airbnb in a quieter neighbourhood can also allow you to relax after a day of exploring a busy city.

Choosing the location, or your accommodation, wisely can significantly influence how much you enjoy the trip.

Are you an introvert? Do you agree with these tips? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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