Five wonderful, wacky travel gadgets

Have you ever had trouble fitting shoes into your suitcase? Have you ever run late for a flight and wished your suitcase transformed into a mini-bike so you could arrive faster? Or have you found yourself short a pocket, or two, or nine, and wished you had room to fit in just one more item for your journey? Well, there are quite a few brilliant minds out in the world who have also pondered these same dilemmas and have come up with some innovative, slightly wacky, but oh-so-wonderful solutions to these first-world problems.

Shooz: modular shoe system

I’m not sure about you, but packing (let alone choosing) shoes for a trip is one of the most difficult tasks prior to travelling. Shoes are just not designed to fit nicely inside a suitcase either. That’s where Shooz hits its stride – if you’ll pardon the pun. These modular travel shoes come in three different sole designs, which, when paired with your choice of shoe tops, results in a customisable, interchangeable shoe system that’s ideal for travelling. Take a look at the video to see just how ingenious this fancy footwear really is.

Modobag: rideable luggage

The Modobag is one of those great ideas that hasn’t quite made it to the production stage – well, not yet anyway. Modobag is a rideable suitcase that can reach around 13kph, which will get you to the terminal about three times faster than if you walked. And although we haven’t seen these little buggies on the shelves as yet, there may still be hope. Imagine an airport packed with drag-racing suitcases. Oh boy …

BauBax: travel jacket

The BauBax travel jacket is so handy, you could almost forego your suitcase. With 15 fancy features, including a built-in neck pillow and eye mask, earphone holders, nine utility pockets for a drink, your sunglasses, an iPad and phone, a blanket, and portable charger; plus hand-warming pockets and built-in gloves, and, to top it all off, a zipper that doubles as a pen/stylus, it’s no wonder that Baubax’s jackets are being hailed as the world’s best. The BauBax jacket is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

ShelfPack: the suitcase with collapsible shelves

Do you dislike unpacking your suitcase as much as you do packing it? Well ShelfPack is your bag. This clever suitcase features collapsible shelves that raise to form a mini wardrobe of sorts, making it perfect for long stays or for camping or caravanning.

The Carry-on cocktail kit

Your favourite cocktail is a swish and a stir (or shake) away with the carry-on cocktail kit. Just add the necessary spirits and you can enjoy your drink of choice at 40,000 feet in the air.

Do you know of any wacky travel gadgets? Do you have a favourite item that you find invaluable on your holidays?

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