Flight attendants uncensored

Flight attendants cop a lot. From rude passengers to physical abuse, these angels in the sky have a tough job and one they most always do with a smile.

That said, there are a few things they’d love to tell some passengers but can’t for professional reasons. Six flight attendants who work for American Airlines, United Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines, and Alaska Airlines told Business Insider some of the things they’d say to passengers if the gag was removed.

A little patience and a little kindness goes a long way
“We want to take off on time too. We’re all going to the same place. We’re all leaving at the same time. I think people tend to be overly rushed,” said a United Airline’s flight attendant. “A little patience and a little kindness goes a long way.”

Don’t walk in the aisle without shoes
Planes are cleaned once a day, and flight attendants pick up garbage and may do a quick wipe-down in between flights but “I think people don’t realise how dirty the planes are,” said a flight attendant for PSA Airlines.

Cut us some slack
“Cut us some slack,” said another United flight attendant. “Be compassionate, because we’re trying to be compassionate toward you.”

We’re not mind readers
“We’re not mind readers,” said an Alaska Airlines’ flight attendant. “We may not necessarily know how to serve that individual person, nor can we tailor our service to every individual person, and I think sometimes people forget that.”

Take responsibility for your scheduling decisions
“I just wish I could tell passengers, ‘Be more responsible for yourself’,” said an American Airlines’ flight attendant. “Take accountability for your actions. You booked this flight this way. You’re giving yourself 20 minutes to get to your other flight. Be more responsible.”

Don’t ask if a delay will result in a late arrival
“Don’t ask me if the plane’s going to be late because of the delay, because I don’t know,” said a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines.

Have you ever been guilty of committing these flight attendant faux pas?

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