Why you shouldn’t claim Qantas free flight tickets

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Qantas is not giving away free flights. Repeat. Qantas is not giving away free flights.

WA ScamNet has reported receiving a large number of shares for a web page claiming that Qantas is giving away two free first-class tickets for their 96th anniversary.

This is not true. It is a scam.

Any emails or webpages displaying qantas-ticket.com, qantas-business.com or Qantas-fly.com have been identified as fake. The sites may no longer be active, but the content is still being shared and other sites may have sprung up in their place.

When visiting a Qantas site, you should always have a padlock displayed next on the left-hand-side of the URL in your browser address bar.

If you come across this message, don’t share it – you’ll only be putting others at risk of falling victim to this scam.

Visit the real Qantas website to see special offers, promotions and flight deals.

Have you seen this message? Did you fall for it?

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    This scam has been around for years, but people still keep falling for it.

    Greed will always beat common sense hands down.



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