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Get the best flight deals online


One thing that appeals to all travellers is the opportunity of a good travel deal. More appealing is the possibility that you can get a good deal without having to do too much research.

With this in mind, Australia’s largest online travel agent, Webjet, has some tips on finding the best deal in the easiest way possible.


1. Consider alternative airports
Often flying into first-tier airports is the most convenient way to get to a destination. But sometimes, flying into a second-tier airport can save you hundreds, so long as it’s enough to cover your ground transportation to your desired end point.

“For example, you could save several hundred dollars by flying into Amsterdam instead of London and the savings will more than cover your ground transportation,” says Webjet.

“This is especially relevant during busy periods such as festivals. For Oktoberfest, a cheaper alternative could be flying to Memmingen and getting a bus to Munich rather than flying direct to Munich.”


2. Break up a long-haul flight
Again, booking a return flight is often cheaper than booking two one-way tickets. However, keep your eyes peeled for even cheaper one-way flights, especially airfares offered by local budget airlines.


“For example, if you’re flying from Sydney to Europe, booking as a one way from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong or Singapore and then another one way to the destination may work out significantly cheaper,” says Webjet.



3. Fly with more than one airline

You can often save money by flying with one airline then switching to another on your return flight, especially if you fly within Australia, or to Fiji, New Zealand and some South-East Asian countries.


According to Webjet: “Flight prices can fluctuate while you are researching and browsing across sites, but Webjet guarantees the price of your flight, along with any hotel, car rental or travel insurance booked at the same time for up to 30 minutes.  This allows you to compare and ‘Mix ‘n’ Match’ deals as you please.”


4. Plan ahead
Lower priced airfares always sell first, so the well-organised traveller will be rewarded by using Webjet’s ‘Deal Finder’ which keeps you up to date on cheap airfares up to six months in advance for both domestic and international flights.


5. Be open-minded
Another handy tool on the Webjet website is the ‘Where Can I Go’ function. Simply use the slider to specify your maximum budget and see where your money could take you. This tool will present all available destinations within your budget, so if you’re open-minded about different countries you could be quite spontaneous about where you go and save a bundle on your next holiday.


Do you have any tips for finding low-priced travel deals? Why not share them with our members?


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