Getting around the Greek islands

Susan is travelling to Greece and wants to know whether she is better off ferry-hopping or flying between islands.


Q. Susan
My husband and I are travelling to Greece in August and hope to visit Athens for three or four days and then visit some of the islands, but we are undecided as to whether we are better off flying or catching ferries. We are only in Greece for two weeks in total. What would you advise?

A. The Greek islands are serviced by air, high-speed catamarans, ferries and hydrofoils. The ferries are the slowest way to travel between the islands, but also the cheapest. They are a relaxing way to travel between the islands, with airline-style seats inside, open-air deck space and cabins for overnight trips.

The high-speed ferries and catamarans are quick, comfortable and a popular way to get to islands such as Mykonos and Santorini.

Though fast, the hydrofoils are often the first affected by weather delays and can be a bit noisy and bumpy.

Without knowing exactly which islands you want to visit, it is a bit difficult to advise you on the best way to travel between islands. However, a good plan of attack is to spend your first three or four days in Athens, as you have already outlined and then fly to the furthest of the islands that you would like to visit and make your way back to Athens via some of the other islands by ferry.

For help with planning your itinerary, head to the Greek Tourism website, where you’ll find current ferry schedules, together with destination and accommodation guides.

Have you visited the Greek islands? Which ones would you recommend for Susan?

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