Gizmos to help you sleep

Let’s face it, sleep may not come so easy when you’re in a strange bed in another country, but these travel gadgets go a bit beyond counting sheep and will make sleeping a dream.

Sound + Sleep Mini
One thing that always helps me get to sleep is the sound of my fan, which is fine in summer, but when winter comes, forget about it. White noise, such as that made by fans, wind and rain, is well known for helping relax a busy mind. The Sleep + Sound Mini is a handy little unit that puts out your choice of soothing sounds designed to block out ambient noise. You can choose rain, ocean or fan sounds in white, pink or brown noise programs. What does it all mean, you ask? It means you’ll find it easy to get to sleep at night. You can also learn more about Sound + Sleep Mini at

By emitting calibrated white light directly into your ears, this technological wonder can help you get to sleep, reduce the effects of jet lag and can beat away the winter blues. Oh, and the HumanCharger is aptly named too, as it can help improve your energy levels. Just turn it on for 12 minutes each day as a form of light therapy.

Three alternative travel pillows
The Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow is basically a hooded jumper with a memory foam neck pillow, while the Trtl Pillow’s built-in flexible internal supports act more like a scarf that holds your head upright than a pillow. The Travel Halo is a headband with two stabilisers at the back and a pull down visor that blocks out the light, helping you to sleep in an upright position.

The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat
The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat utilises acupressure points on your back that release endorphins and hormones to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. Its innovative design is around the size of a pillowcase and rolls up for easy storage.

Do you know of any good travel sleep aids?

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