Gold Coast says ‘come and play’

Destination Gold Coast’s new campaign is targeting intrastate travellers, with Queenslanders urged to take advantage of the dearth of interstate travellers ‘invading’ this holiday haven.

The Come Back and Play campaign hopes to entice holidaymakers to support struggling operators and revitalise the region’s tourism sector.

“Now that intrastate travel restrictions have eased, we’ve wasted no time in rolling out our ‘Come Back and Play’ campaign to tempt holidaymakers to explore their own backyard, as Aussies emerge from lockdown,” said Destination Gold Coast chief Annaliese Battista.

“Gold Coast operators are desperate to claw back the economic losses they sustained as a result of the COVID-crisis and we know pent-up demand for travel will continue to grow as social and travel restrictions are further relaxed.

“The $1.5 million campaign is part of a four-phased plan to trigger a tourism-led economic recovery by reminding Aussies there’s no better place to holiday than in Australia’s favourite playground.

“We are focused on reanimating Gold Coast’s economy to support the one in seven Gold Coasters employed in the tourism sector, alongside our operators, who have felt the brunt of devastation over the past five months.

“Our chief priority is to jump-start the domestic market by stimulating demand, visitation and expenditure for the city.

“In the immediate term this will be to attract intrastate visitors eager to explore attractions and experiences and engage in activities they’ve missed out on, like dining in at a restaurant or café,” Ms Battista said.

For the rest of the country stuck at home or told to stay within the borders, the next video may be a bit cruel. However, recent studies showed that even just looking outside is good for your mental health, so we encourage you to watch and dream about your next well-deserved holiday. 

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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