Google gets in the hotel game

You’ve heard of Google Search, and most savvy travellers will have also heard of Google Trips and Google Flights. Now the tech giant has launched its own direct service for booking hotels.

The new Google Hotel Search feature synchronises with its other products, namely, Google Trends and Google Flights.

Travel bookers can now plan holidays far in advance using the Trends app and they can figure out the rough cost of flights for months in advance by accessing flight trends and historic rates in Flights.

“If you have flexibility on where you go but not on how much you’ll spend, you can explore the world map on Google Flights to see all the destinations you can fly to on your budget,” wrote Google’s vice president of product management in travel, Richard Holden.

“For either specific or flexible dates, you can use a price filter on desktop to set your price limit and see only the destinations you can fly to within this range.”

Google will also use Hotel Search to partner with and promote hotels that offer lower rates. It is believed that Google profits immensely from such arrangements. It is the same type of arrangement that has seen Google face scrutiny for its monopoly over all things internet.

“The new hotel search experience includes better price filtering, easier-to-find amenity information and the ability to book right from Google,” said Eric Zimmerman, Google’s director of travel product management.

Read more at Travel Weekly.

Are you tired of Google controlling everything? Or do you think this new travel tool will assist you in your travel planning?

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