Google Maps as travel diary

When I was a young traveller, I kept prolific notes of my international trips, largely because at the time I wasn’t sure I could rely on my memory after some big nights.

As I matured, I fell out of the practice and relied on my memory, but these days, as my memory is becoming less reliable (for different reasons), it is something I am reprising.

The practice is much easier these days, thanks to the ability to use Google Maps to take all the grunt work out of logging your journey.

If you can’t remember where you were when you captured that amazing view, rest assured that Google has a much better memory than you do.

All you have to do is click on the icon in the top left of the Maps website and choose ‘Your timeline’.

You will be presented with a map of everywhere you have been, along with the distance you have travelled.

using google maps as a travel diary

Anywhere that you stopped for any length of time is highlighted and there is a detailed breakdown of the location alongside. Any photos that you took from that location will also show up, which makes it easy to figure out where you were.

If you find the tracking of your trip a little bit like an invasion of privacy, you can always plot your travel manually in Google Maps and use the marker tool to mark certain points of interest from your trip.

Once the marker tool is in place at the location, you can enter a title and any notes you want to make for the pin.

You can also add photos and videos to appear alongside the pin to highlight your experiences at the location.

Do you still keep a diary when you travel? Have you tried keeping an electronic journal? What method works best for you?

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