Guaranteed empty seat next to you

I love it when the plane door closes and there’s no-one sitting next to me. Honestly, it’s nirvana. But it rarely happens. I can count on one hand the number of times it has.

But there’s one airline that, with an innovative new airfare, guarantees an empty middle seat on your next flight.

The airline? Irish carrier Aer Lingus.

Its premium fare ‘AerSpace’, starts on 1 September 2019 and guarantees no armrest war for your short-haul flight across the UK and Europe.

Not only will you have the luxury of no-one sitting next to you, you’ll also enjoy reserved cabin space in the bins directly overhead, as well as complimentary lounge access, fast-tracked security and priority boarding. And there’s more – a free 20kg checked bag and a complimentary snack and beverage from the in-flight menu.

“We are proud to launch AerSpace in response to feedback from our guests seeking a more premium and spacious travel experience when flying short-haul with Aer Lingus,” says Susanne Carberry, Aer Lingus’s director of network revenue and loyalty.

“Not only will those choosing AerSpace enjoy a suite of complimentary services, including lounge access and priority boarding, AerClub members will also collect Avios on their AerSpace purchase. We are proud to launch AerSpace in response to feedback from our guests seeking a more premium and spacious travel experience when flying short haul with Aer Lingus.”

AerSpace will be available on the following routes:


  • Dublin – Heathrow    Cork – Heathrow
  • Dublin – Gatwick    Shannon – Heathrow
  • Dublin – London City    Belfast – Heathrow
  • Dublin – Birmingham    Gatwick – Knock
  • Dublin – Manchester   


  • Dublin – Paris    Cork – Paris
  • Dublin – Amsterdam    Cork – Amsterdam
  • Dublin – Brussels    Cork – Lisbon
  • Dublin – Munich    Cork – Munich
  • Dublin – Barcelona    Cork – Barcelona
  • Dublin – Frankfurt    Dublin – Zurich
  • Dublin – Berlin    Dublin – Geneva
  • Dublin – Milan (Linate & Malpensa)    Dublin – Madrid
  • Dublin – Lisbon    Dublin – Dusseldorf

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for and the AerSpace won’t be inexpensive. Fares start from A$210. Visit for further information.

Would you fly with an airline that promised no-one in the middle seat next to you? Do you think Aussie carriers should adopt this type of fare? How much extra would you pay?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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