Hotel staff to review guests

You might be used to reviewing the hotels you visit, but how would feel about the staff reviewing you?

In a bold move, the Art Series Hotel Group is doing what it’s good at and turning the hotel world on its head. Starting from 17 April, its hotel staff will leave reviews of the guests.

The tables have turned and the staff will now be enlightening us on what really goes on behind closed doors, in what is coined ‘Reverse Reviews’. Something of a social experiment, Reverse Reviews make the review process a two-way street.

With the ultimate aim of improving its hotels for everyone, The Art Series Hotel Group believes that the fear of having one’s dirty laundry aired in public may affect guest behaviour, pointing out that bad guests often ruin the hotel experience for the good ones.

On a more positive note, it also wants to find out who are the perfect guests – the ones that make staff want to go to work.

Research shows that 30 per cent of Australians have confessed to bad behaviour in hotels – one in 10 steal from hotel rooms and a whopping 400,000 Australians have confessed to trashing a hotel room. That’s a lot of ‘rocks stars’!

If you think you’re the perfect guest, you can participate by staying at an Art Series Hotel and playing the game until 31 May. If you receive a five star review, you’ll be treated to a free night on your next stay, but be warned, if you misbehave, reviews are posted online and your dirty laundry will be aired for all to see.

Find out more at Art Series Hotel Group.

What do you think of this idea? Would you be happy to be reviewed by hotel staff? Could you score a five out of five?

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