Hotel sued for filming naked guests

Hilton Worldwide is facing a US$100m lawsuit because an employee allegedly filmed an American woman in the shower without her knowledge, and later used the footage in an attempt to blackmail her.

The hotel has been accused of negligence over the incident, which took place in July 2015 in a New York property, Hampton Inn and Suites, in Albany. The woman, from Chicago, wasn’t aware of the footage until September this year, when she receive an email link to a porn site and an email requesting more nude footage, otherwise the existing film would be published along with her name and job details.

Emails from the blackmailer said: “I’m a perv. I don’t hurt anyone. I like to watch. No need to worry about me. I just like to watch and then I move on to the next. Promise me my own show. That’s the hottest. No need to show your face. Then I disappear and remove the videos forever before they get copied on every website.”

When the woman did not comply, the footage was sent to some of her work colleagues along with a demand for hush money.

Hilton Worldwide claims it only found out about the alleged breach of privacy last week.

“On Monday, December 3rd, we were alerted by ABC News to details of an alleged incident at the Hampton Inn and Suites Albany-Downtown in 2015,” said a statement from the hotel.

“We take the safety and wellbeing of our guests incredibly seriously, and find the details included in the civil filing distressing. We commit to supporting the independent ownership and management of the property as they investigate, respond and cooperate with any law enforcement investigations.”


Have you ever heard of such a thing happening? Is US$100m fair compensation?

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