How not to fly

Flying often brings out the worst in people. Crowded planes and cramped conditions aren’t exactly conducive to us all getting along with our travel companions.

Following a series of air-rage incidents, including one that escalated into a water fight, JetBlue has decided to hit back with humour. The US airline has released a series of videos through their social media around the concept of in-flight etiquette.

Addressing the issues of how not to sleep on a plane and how to correctly climb over your companions to go to the restroom, the videos encourage passengers to think about their behaviour.

While they may be slightly exaggerated, Lisa Borromeo, director of brand management and advertising for JetBlue, explains the message the videos are trying to convey the message “We’ve all been there. We get it, and let’s talk about it.”

While they aren’t trying to tell passengers how to behave, the videos were designed as a fun way to generate dialogue with passengers about their experiences.

Why not watch the first video and let us know what you think? Do you feel these videos will make a difference? What is the worst thing that’s happened to you on a plane?

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