How to get the best value cruise

Trying to choose the best cruise can seem nigh on impossible; it all depends on where you want to go, how much you have to spend and how long you have to devote to your high-seas adventure. Instead we have seven tips on how to get the best value when cruising, so your money, and your cruise, go further.

1. Consider an older ship
While shiny and new is nice when it comes to cruise ships, it’s worth remembering that the older vessels are refurbished fairly regularly, and usually offer good value for longer cruises.

2. Choose your timing
Cruising the Caribbean is cheaper during the Northern Hemisphere autumn, our spring. Although, the weather can be a bit choppy and stormy, so make sure you have good travel insurance.

3. Relocation cruises
Cruise lines occasionally need to relocate ships to a specific cruising port and as such, offer good fares on these cruises which depart in one port and arrive in another, with few stops in between. This is a good way to see places such as the Panama Canal. 

4. Be a weekend cruiser
Not only is a short cruise a great way to test is cruising is for you, it’s also a good way to cruise for less. Consider an Australia only cruise, or if you’re travelling overseas anyway, add on a cruise for a few days and save yourself the expense of an additional airfare.

5. Spend more time at sea
Itineraries which have more port calls are often the most expensive, so if you enjoy cruising simply for being on board the ship, choose an itinerary which has the most days at sea to keep down costs.

6. Consider winter cruising
Cruising the Mediterranean during winter not only means fewer crowds, you’ll also enjoy more pleasant temperatures when on shore. Many cruise lines offer extras, such as free hotel stays wither side of your cruise, as this is a good way for local tourism to benefit in quitter months.

7. Choose a river cruise
River cruises in low-season – March/April and October to December – offer good value for money and the chance to see some of the ports which large cruise lines simply can’t access.

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