How to pack like a minimalist


Travelling with as little baggage as possible (in every sense of the word) is highly advisable. 


Not only will you fly through airport queues and get around much faster with a lower likelihood of putting your back out, but your holiday will also fell more ‘holiday-ey’ without half your home wardrobe being lugged about.


Besides, there’s something to be said about the freedom of touring a country with a pair of jeans and a few T-shirts and not much else.


With that in mind, here’s how to pack to travel with as little baggage as possible.


1. How to pack
You’ll have heard theories of rolling or packing flat. Well, neither is right. Or both are, to be more precise. A mixture of rolling and flat-packing is the best way to use all the space in your bag. Pack your jeans and heavier fabric items flat, and fill the gaps with rolled undies, T-shirts, and lighter fabrics. Roll your socks and stuff them in your shoes. Fold your trousers and skirts once only and spread them wide rather than high. You could also fold your T-shirts and pack flat, depending on the type of bag you have. Wear your watch, jewellery and bulkiest shoes on the plane.


2. Use clever packing gadgets
If you need to take tech along with you, use clever packing gadgets, such as the Grid-it system or the Dot&Dot electronics organiser. They’ll save you space and keep your bits and pieces organised.


If you’re travelling with a suit, try the compact suit folder (or learn to fold one for travel), and consider taking a pair of packable shoes, such as the Vibram Furoshiki.


3. Pick a colour
Monotone is always the best way to go when choosing a minimal wardrobe. Otherwise, pick a palette where all your clothes can be worn with each other. Either go earthy, or try black, grey, red and white. Navy blue and white are also common go-tos. Mine is black, white and denim.



4. Be stingy with jackets
If you need a jacket, make it a waterproof spray and layer jumpers underneath. Otherwise, one black puffer jacket, though bulky and puffy when worn, rolls up to next to nothing, as they’re mostly filled with air. Avoid heavy fabrics such as wool and leather.


5. Choose your shoes
One pair for walking, one pair for outings, and one pair for bathing, such as thongs or sandals. Really, that should be all you need. If you feel light on shoes when you land, you can always pick up a cheap pair overseas.


6. Take only essential toiletries
Take only what you can’t use in hotels. Limit your toiletries to your special hair product (if you need it) or scent (perfume, cologne or deodorant) and maybe a few basic make-up items. The rest are supplied at your hotel. So take advantage of them.


What’s the least baggage you’ve ever travelled with? Do you believe that a holiday with minimum baggage is better than lugging half your wardrobe along?


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