How to travel safely with wine

Possibly the most useful travel companion we have found so far, the WineSkin is an all-round winner in our eyes.

While one of the joys of travel is discovering new and exciting wines to bring home for yourself or as gifts, all too often it can end in disaster. If you’ve ever tried to carry a bottle of wine on a plane with you, you’ll probably remember kicking yourself, as you had to leave it for airport security to drink.

Likewise, if you were smart enough to pack it in your bag, there’s a chance you also unzipped said bag to a nasty and poignant surprise if the bottle broke at some shattering stage on your journey.

Thankfully, the WineSkin solves the above dilemma. Made of thick bubble-wrap, the special wine bottle-shaped skin has a double seal at the base, making it completely airtight. While the bubble prevents it from breaking mid-flight, the seal also ensures that, should you encounter any turbulence, no liquid will leak out and ruin your clothes.

So simple, yet so brilliant.

RRP: approx $13.00 – WineSkin and various wine retailers worldwide.


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