Inside the Scenic Eclipse sub

Scenic has given cruisers another reason to be excited about the launch of its latest vessel, Scenic Eclipse, revealing the interior and onboard features of its mini-sub Scenic Neptune, which will operate from the yet-to-be-launched expedition yacht.

Scenic Eclipse will launch in August, with the custom-designed submarine offering eight dives a day and accommodating up to six guests at a time.

The sub can dive to depths of up to 300 metres and passengers’ seats can swivel 280° to take in unparalleled underwater views from both sides of the craft.

According to Scenic, the submarine’s acrylic viewing spheres, constructed from a material possessing the same refraction index as seawater, visually disappear under the ocean providing a very open and spacious feeling.

“Guests will embark on an awe-inspiring adventure to the underwater world. Volcanic pinnacles, sheer walls, majestic wrecks, a wide diversity of marine life and beautiful reefs lie waiting to be discovered” said Scenic Neptune pilot Remy Izendooren.

“The world has many spectacular dive sites waiting for us to explore, from sunken wrecks and vibrant tropical reefs to a sea floor teeming with life in Antarctica.”

Scenic Eclipse has had its share of trouble while being built, with two delays due to financial problems and strikes in the yard.

A video published on Cruise Passenger captured what is believed to be the ship’s first test sailing, although it is uncertain as to whether the vessel was sailing under its own steam.

Drama aside, Scenic is excited about the new vessel’s launch in August.

Scenic Eclipse is setting an entirely new standard in the cruise and expedition industry,” said Captain James Griffiths.

“We are the first cruise ship to house our own helicopters and submarine and will be the first expedition ship in service to comply with the latest ‘Safe Return to Port’ regulations that necessitate two independent engine rooms, two independent bridges and multi-redundancy in provision areas, galleys and power distribution, as well as Polar Class 6, which puts the ship’s ice strength above 1A Super – the highest of the Swedish Ice Classes before you become an ice breaker.”

Scenic Eclipse’s maiden voyage is scheduled for 15 August 2019, when it embarks on an Iceland and Atlantic Canada voyage from Reykjavik to Quebec.

Would you take a dive in a mini-sub?

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