International senior discounts

YOURLifeChoices members are spread far and wide and today we answer Penny’s question on which seniors discounts she can get while visiting Australia.

Q. Penny
As we are planning an extended trip to Australia next year we are interested to know if there is a UK equivalent card that can be used as an International Seniors Card?  We do have an equivalent travel/photo card for the UK.

A. Australian Seniors Cards are issued to residents by the state and territory governments and as such, there is no international seniors card. We have found that many businesses will honour advertised seniors discounts if you ask. The only discount you will not be eligible for is public transport.

Many of the seniors card offices offer an online search for discounts available. You can find details of the state and territory offices by visiting YOURLifeChoices page on Seniors Card Offices

It is also often the case that when Australian seniors travel overseas, many businesses will offer seniors discounts when proof of age is shown.


Written by Debbie McTaggart

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