Is this the best use of an app?

It’s easy to fill your phone with apps that do this and that. And while a few of them may make your life easier on a daily basis, if we’re being honest, not many of them are real lifesavers.

Until now, that is. Created by five students from the University of Michigan, Companion App is taking the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. Filling a real need in the market, the app allows a friend or family member, hence the companion name, to ‘walk you home’ at night by tracking your position.

Users request a friend, family member or trusted person to keep them company remotely by tracking their movements via GPS. The companion doesn’t have to have the app either and can simply track their journey by receiving a link to a webpage, which displays an interactive map of the user making their way towards their destination.

So how do you tell if the user’s in trouble? The app can detect changes in the users status, such as if they start running, don’t make it to their destination on time, have their headphones ripped out, or if your phone falls on the ground. It then asks the user if they’re ok. If the user does not respond within 15 seconds, the app alerts the companion Dthat the user is potentially in danger.

Originally designed for use on US college campuses, the app has been embraced all around the world, prompting changes to allow it to be used internationally. A fantastic tool for any parent, or woman walking alone at night, adult children are also asking their elderly parents to use it too, to ensure they don’t get lost.

A brilliant innovation, make sure you share this with any of your friends who could use it to help keep loved ones safe.

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