Is your hotel really clean?

Savvy travellers know to follow a few simple hotel room tips, such as checking for bed bugs, wiping surfaces and steering clear of unhygienic hotspots including the hairdryer.

But you can never have enough travel tips. Well, at least I can’t. That’s why I love this simple tip from a travel pro.

A newly made bed and fresh smelling room may indicate a strong impression of cleanliness, but this tip from a seasoned business traveller who has stayed in hundreds of hotels will confirm whether or not your hotel room is really clean.

“Almost every hotel room has one and it can tell you a lot about how detail-oriented the housekeeping is,” wrote Business Insider international correspondent Harrison Jacobs.

“If they aren’t cleaned regularly – and I mean with vinegar, not rinsed with hot water – they quickly become gross. As such, a small item and a tedious one to clean, I’ve found that coffeemakers and electric kettles are frequently overlooked by less diligent hotels.

hotel room coffee and tea facilities

“If they’re leaving a rusted kettle in the room, it’s a signal to me that no one is keeping a close eye on the room’s long-term upkeep. If there’s mould in the coffeemaker or kettle, what else hasn’t been given a thorough cleaning?”

So, after you’ve done the five things you should do on entering a hotel room, check the kettle as well. And if you’re not happy with how it looks, let the front desk know.

Read more at Travel Talk.

Do you follow hotel cleanliness tips? Have you ever had a dirty hotel room? What did you do about it?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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