Leave the rain jacket at home

Packing for a short weekend away and all the weather eventualities that may occur can be tricky, especially if you’re only taking a small bag. Thanks to this handy rain hood, you can now leave your rain jacket at home, and still look stylish while you stay dry.

By simply slipping on the Hood To Go, which is essentially a hood on a vest, you can transform any jacket in to a raincoat and keep yourself dry. Folding neatly into it’s own carry bag, it will simply fit in your pocket or bag, and will save you carrying a bulky and troublesome umbrella.

Hood To Go comes in two sizes, and two colours, black or white. Currently shipping from the US, this handy little garment costs US$25 plus US$10 shipping, around AU$50 in total – much cheaper than a rain jacket or excess luggage fees.

To find out more or to order a Hood To Go, visit hoodtogo.com

Do you think this would be a useful addition to your weekend packing?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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