Like something out of a movie

There are many different reasons why we travel. Some travel for the culture, others for the food or some for the fun of it. These four best friends, however, have an entirely different motive altogether.

Travelling the world to recreate famous scenes from movies and TV, the gals of FanGirl Quest are creating some holiday snaps that are anything but ordinary.

The four friends juxtapose a series of interesting images to recreate the famous scene, which is shown on a device against the real life background. Putting together a number of different scenes, movies and shows including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Forrest Gump, Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek, they take the term ‘fan’ to the next level.

Do you think you are a movie or TV show buff? Well, how many can you pick?

You can see all their images at FanGirl Quest.

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