Meet your Uber helpful new courier

Not one to shy away from controversy, Uber is continuing to take the world by storm with its latest offering.

The recently announced UberRUSH lets you order almost anything from local shops and has it delivered to you in minutes. To solve the age-old frustration of when you realise you’re left with no choice but to run out and get something, Uber created UberRUSH.

From the store side of things, it works by them signing up with UberRUSH and using an online shopping platform such as Shopify to integrate the new delivery system. With a focus on local businesses, UberRUSH are aiming to help them expand their delivery zones and fulfil orders faster by removing overheads.

Similar to the way Uber uses real-time tracking for their cars, UberRUSH allows both the supplier and customer to see where their delivery is at all times on the map.

Sadly, at this stage the innovative service is only available in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. But at the rate which Uber has been taking over the world, we have no doubt it won’t be long before UberRush makes its way Down Under.

Why not watch the video and tell us what you think of Uber’s latest offering? Would you use UberRUSH if it came to Australia?

Find out more at UberRUSH.

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