Money back for travel mishaps

From an ostrich-riding injury to cancelling your trip because you’ve been called to jury duty, there are a range of unexpected incidents that Australian travellers can be reimbursed for.

Jonathan Etkind from travel insurer InsureandGo told YourLifeChoices about some of the most surprising mishaps where many Australians don’t realise that they can claim their money back.

“Most Aussies are not clear on all the expenses they can claim through their travel insurance in the case of an unexpected incident,” Mr Etkind said.

“Travellers may not be aware of certain benefits in their policy, leading them to presume they are not covered for certain events, which stops them from contacting their insurer to make a claim.

“It’s crucial that travellers read their Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing any policy. It will help them decide what, if any, added extras they need, and whether it’s best to purchase a basic or comprehensive policy.

“Although these documents list exclusions, they also detail benefits that allow travellers to claim for a wide range of incidents – including those that you wouldn’t assume you’re covered for.”

Here are just some of the unexpected events that you can claim on your travel insurance.

Too sick to cruise
If you were confined to your cabin because you were sick, your insurer may be able to cover any expenses incurred. For instance, InsureandGo will pay sick cruise-goers $75 for each 24 hours spent while confined to their cabin – up to $2500.

Cancelling your trip
Having to cancel your trip because your home was burgled, you were made redundant at work, or you were called for jury duty, will allow you to claim the cost of most of your travel bookings, including airfares. This is one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to purchase your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip, so that you can be covered before your holiday even begins.

Cutting your trip short
If, unfortunately, your trip comes to an abrupt end as a result of injury or illness of a relative or travelling companion, your travel insurance policy should reimburse you for any travel bookings you were not able to use.

Small overseas medical claims, even a doctor’s visit or medicine
You might think travel insurance only covers the cost of major medical treatments or surgeries, because your excess makes it not worthwhile to claim for smaller expenses. However, did you know that you can remove your standard excess entirely? This enables you to make claims like visiting a doctor, or purchasing medicine for an unforeseen illness abroad, even if the bill was as little as $20.

Your cruise ship missed a port
For each scheduled port your cruise failed to dock at during your trip, you should be able to receive compensation. For instance, InsureandGo pays $50 to $100 per port missed – up to $1000 in total. If you missed your cruise departure entirely, because of an accident en route to the ship, your insurer will cover pre-booked costs, such as land tours, that you are unable to partake in.

Extra travel expenses to avoid transport delays
You can get help if your planned method of transport to a wedding, funeral, work conference or sporting event is delayed or cancelled. If the resulting delay or cancellation means you will miss the occasion, additional travel costs can be covered to try to get you to your event on time.

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