Money-saving tips for travellers

Travelling on a budget doesn’t have to mean skimping on important experiences. Learn how to travel smarter with these seven tips for more affordable travel.

Travel off-season

It’s no secret that summer is the peak travelling season for most tourists, and this means peak prices too. To avoid the extra expenditure (and the crowds), choose your travel dates carefully. The following travel seasons are typical of most world regions:

  • low season (least expensive) – Jan, Feb and Mar
  • shoulder season (mid-range) – Apr, May, Sep, Oct and Nov
  • high Season (most expensive) – Jun, Jul, Aug
  • holidays (most expensive) – mid-Dec through to mid-Jan, especially to Australia and New Zealand.

Use the internet

The internet is your best friend when it comes to scoring deals on accommodation, flights and tours. Try using websites such as and for deals, and use price comparison sites to find the best offers.

Choose a package

One the best ways to save money is to bundle flights and accommodation. You can find reasonably priced packages online that include return flights, luxury accommodation and other great perks. Sign up for free with, and to gain access to dozens of travel deals, both in Australia and overseas.

Become a loyalty member

Join loyalty programs for airlines and hotels. Joining a loyalty program and email list can keep you informed of hotel room specials and flight packages. Depending on your loyalty status, it can sometimes mean a free room upgrade or two-for-one flight.

Prioritise your stops

Prioritise the cities or counties you want to visit and factor them into a budget. If travelling with a friend, collectively decide which places are on the must-see list and which you can afford to skip if money gets too tight. Try using Travel Budget App and Trail Wallet to keep track of your spending and budget while on holiday.

Take the road less-travelled

Avoid the rush and the cost of common tourist destinations by holidaying at less popular places. Romania is more affordable than other eastern European countries and Puglia is less expensive than Tuscany.

Plan your meals

Interesting food is of the joys of travel, but the cost of eating out and snacking while on holiday can really add up. Consider preparing and eating some meals in your accommodation and taking sandwiches, snacks and water with you for later. This way, you’ll be able to be selective about the times you can grab a falafel at that famous takeaway shop or indulge in a scoop of dark chocolate gelato – and really be able to enjoy it.

Additionally, instead of paying for overpriced plastic bottles of water, try taking a reusable glass or stainless bottle to refill at restaurants or your hotel’s fitness centre (or anywhere that offers a free filtered water station).

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