Most annoying passengers

No matter how often you travel, there will always be the one passenger you hope not to be stuck beside. Whether it’s a back seat kicker or someone with less than perfect hygiene, there’s always someone who gets on our nerves.

According to Expedia’s Airplane Etiquette survey, back seat kickers annoy Aussies the most, with 77 per cent of people naming these pesky passengers as their least favourite. Most of you will hardly find this surprising, there really is nothing worse than to constantly feel a foot through the back of your seat.

Inattentive parents did, however, come a close second, with 75 per cent of people ranking them as being annoying and the aromatic passenger, someone with poor hygiene or wearing too much fragrance, got up the nose of 61 per cent of those asked.

So, what other type of passengers do you like to avoid in the air? Here’s top 10 ranked in order.

  1. Back Seat Kickers
  1. Inattentive Parents
  1. The Aromatic Passenger
  1. The Boozer
  1. The Audio Insensitive
  1. The Recliner
  1. Chatty Cathy
  1. Pungent Foodies
  1. Mad Bladder
  1. The Amorous

“Having a pleasant flight largely depends on cooperation from fellow passengers,” said Kelly Cull, Travel Expert, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long flight, as Aussies gear up for the summer holidays, we should remember that a little consideration goes a long way to ensure everyone enjoys their trip.”

It seems we also enjoy our own company when we travel, with 38 per cent strongly agreeing that “small talk is fine”, but a flight is a time to be alone. Some (18 per cent) would take it one step further by actually paying extra to be in a quiet zone. However, three per cent did admit that they used flights as an excuse to meet and talk to people.

What type of passenger are you? Do you recognises yourself on the list? Or have you had experience with such a passenger?

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