New rule for Qantas customers

Qantas plane

Have you enjoyed those viral videos of people having a meltdown on planes?

I know I have. Call it schadenfreude or just old-fashioned entertainment, but they go viral for a reason: we love the drama. Well, at least not on our plane.

However, a new rule Qantas has slipped into its terms of carriage could bring that all to an end on the flying kangaroo.

The beleaguered company has included a clause that passengers must “seek consent before filming or photographing Qantas Group staff, contractors or other customers”. No more filming delicious ranty interactions for you.

According to The New Daily, if you are caught filming, Qantas may confiscate your phone or camera and may ‘retain’ electronic devices when passengers fail to comply with directions.

Phone home

Is this legal? Can a company just say they can take your private property and you have to hand it over? 

Imagine walking through Coles filming when they demand to have your phone and you just hand it over because they said so.

Yeah, not going to happen.

You will be pleased to know that Qantas has exempted hearing aids and heart pacemakers from the ‘electronics’ clause.

Although I’d love to see the reasoning why they thought hearing aids and pacemakers would be a problem in the first place. Is someone seriously going to reach into their chest, fetch their pacemaker out and start filming a dust-up in row 23? 

Pacemakers have come a long way if they now have the capability to film people.

The ban does not cover any photos or videos you take of yourself, so snap away you wanna-be influencers. 

Safely and respectfully

“We know that lots of our customers want to film and photograph their journey and our policy is designed to make sure they can do that safely and respectfully,” Qantas told The New Daily.

“It doesn’t prevent customers from taking photos or videos of themselves, their family and friends or out of the window.”

Phew. But anyway I would have thought it was impolite to film people in a plane without their permission.  But truth be told if I saw something kicking off I’d probably whip out my phone.

The new rule is speculated to be primarily aimed at protecting Qantas staff, contractors and other passengers.

The New Daily reports that there are no similar clauses for Virgin or Bonza. 

And for your viewing pleasure, check out this doozy of a meltdown. And they say crying babies are the problem.

Have you ever seen a meltdown on a plane? Were you tempted to film it? Why not share your experience in the comments section below.

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