New Thai drug laws do not ‘benefit’ tourists

Thailand’s 2022 tourism campaign has been tagged ‘Amazing New Chapter’ which, to many, may not have much of ring to it. Or maybe it’s been lost in translation.

However, what’s more likely to grab tourists’ attention is how the country recently legalised marijuana. But before you pack your bags for your next ‘relaxing’ holiday, it might pay to read the fine print.

The new laws won’t mean you can spend a week of weed-induced bliss in a Thai resort.

Thailand has decriminalised marijuana and hemp for medical and industrial use but has not legalised recreational marijuana nationally.

The laws were designed with medical, economic and health-related objectives in mind.

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As a tourist you won’t be able to light up one ‘doobie’ after another, but you will be able to consume some edible products. Cafés and restaurants can serve cannabis infused food and drinks, but only with 0.2 per cent active ingredient.

Anyone caught smoking pot in public will potentially face three months in prison and a fine of more than $700.

Like any new law, there is confusion about how it will be policed and what the reforms will achieve, so if you’re looking for a ‘high holiday’, maybe keep Amsterdam at the top of your list.

Double decker nightmare

Just when you thought airlines couldn’t squeeze more passengers into planes, a young designer has developed a ‘double decker’ seating pattern that will send shivers up the spine of any claustrophobic person. Or anyone, really.Shortcode

Alejandro Nunez Vicente’s (remember his name if you ever want revenge) design was featured in the Crystal Cabin Awards, the peak aviation design awards.

Mr Nunez Vincente’s idea has garnered a lot of seed money for development but is thankfully still a long way off implementation.

“My purpose here is to change the economy class seats for the best of humanity, or for all the people that cannot afford to pay for more expensive tickets,” he says.

Nice sentiment. But being extra-squished in economy is not exactly a cure for cancer.

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Prototypes show that your face may be less than a hand’s breadth from the seat above you and there would be no possibility of standing at either level.

Mr Nunez Vincente has taken time off his university course to develop the product. We hope this monstrous idea never catches …

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Written by Jan Fisher

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