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Tran-Tasman bubble open to select states, with pre-departure testing

New rules in place for travellers due to rise in COVID cases.

Princess and P&O announce cruise pause until December

Anyone hoping for a resumption of cruising will have to wait until the end of the year.

More eyes on South Australia than ever

South Australia's tourism sector on the rise.

BaconFest 2021 set to be ‘pigger’ than ever

Could this be the best food festival in Australia?

Singapore high on the list for next potential travel bubble

Two-way travel between Australia and Singapore will hopefully resume soon.

Flinders Ranges one step closer to gaining World Heritage status

Tourists will be transported virtually into the deep past.

Trans-Tasman travel bubble failed to inflate

Bubble not off to a flying start.

Australia’s biggest concerns over tourism’s environmental impact

Australians share their thoughts on how tourism can be made more sustainable.

Shocking claims of criminals infiltrating Qantas

A 'significant' number of Qantas employees are allegedly connected to organised crime groups.

Government proposes international travel trial

Aussies keen to head overseas may soon be able to start planning and packing.

Consumer group calls for clean-up of troubled timeshare traps

CHOICE calls for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to act on timeshare.

Annual leave accrued reaching huge numbers thanks to COVID

Over eight million Australians now have 174.9 million days of annual leave due.

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