Here’s how to bathe in the bush

‘Pocket’ and ‘shower’ are two words that don’t usually appear in the same sentence, but that is just what the Sea to Summit team has created for your off-the-beaten-track bathing needs.

The Pocket Shower is similar in design to Sea to Summit’s Dry Sacks, using the same heat-resistant waterproof fabric and roll-top closure, but the base has a compact and free-flowing ‘shower head’.

Forget any visuals of shivering naked under a trickle of water – the Pocket Shower is all about equal spray dispersion, and a simple twist allows you to adjust the water pressure to suit.

To use the shower, simply fill it with water, roll closed and then suspend it from the two tough Delrin D-rings with the 6m of cord provided.

Even though it has capacity for 10L of water, the whole contraption literally folds up to fit in your pocket. Your future self (and travel companions) will thank you for taking this on your next camping trip.

pocket shower 

RRP $33 from Amazon, plus shipping

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Written by SJ


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