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With lockdowns being reinstated in Victoria, and the possibility they may occur in other areas at any time, it’s seems it’s possible that travel bans may extend for longer than we’d hoped.

Regardless, travel and holiday planner Tripfuser is eager to get the travel planning ball rolling by inspiring eager travellers with a huge range of custom holidays developed by local experts.

Whether you dream of hiking in New Zealand, driving through the heart of Australia or lounging on a tropical beach, the travel sector is working hard to make sure it becomes a reality as soon as possible.

In anticipation of more relaxed travel restrictions, and with the expectation of the formation of localised travel bubbles, Tripfuser has assembled more than 100 custom holidays across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Designed by a panel of experienced local experts, with the involvement of over 2400 travel agents, the ‘Travel Bubble’ trips feature the very best of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and will restart the conversation about travelling again.

“It’s time to change the conversation, embrace the new normal and start talking again about travelling – even if that is about travelling closer to home,” said Tripfuser chief Matt McCann told Travel Talk.

“Tripfuser has spent the past two months building an amazing gallery of travel options in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, markets where we believe we are going to be able to travel this year.

“Our ‘Close to Home’ gallery includes everything from weekend escapes to the iconic ‘trips of a lifetime’”.

Tripfuser has worked with a number of travel agents to refine these trips so they “deliver extraordinary travel experiences and great value,” added Mr McCann.

Are you looking to plan a trip once travel bubbles open up? Where would you most want to travel?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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