Myra’s story

No longer able to live at home, Myra moved to residential aged care and it’s fair to say, she’s loving every minute of it. Here’s her story.

More details are available through the My Aged Care website – and the information phone line on 1800 200 422.

Myra Ferris: My name is Myra Ferris. I have seven children, 24 grand children and seven great grand children. I live here in the Orange Aged Care. You have everything done for you, you know, you just go up the table and you have all your meals served. And the nurses, you’ve only got oto ask ’em, you know, they’ll do anything, even Joanne and Kim, they’re absolutely fantastic. Joanne Beldham: Myra’s one of my lovely favourites and we’re very happy to have her here. I try and give them a wide range of things to do, but always having that choice of what they want to do. Myra Ferris: We do exercises every morning at ten. It’s only gentle exercises in the chair, but at least it’s something. SO I go to that or just go outside and go for a walk. The animals all out there, we go out and talk to them or feed them. Joanne Beldham: Using animals for therapy can aide in so many things, it’s keeping them involved and keeping them active, which is what we want to do. Myra Ferris: We do have a therapy dog, he’s Maltese and his name is Bowie. He wanders around and he sits on our lap or whatever. He wears his little tie in every day, when he comes in he’s working. Well a hairdresser comes in Monday and Friday. She’s very good, everybody loves her. When the family comes, if we want a cup of coffee or tea, we just go and sit in the cafe and have it. They know they don’t have to worry because i’m quite happy here. I don’t think i’d go anywhere else.

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