Australian airlines unite to enforce strict baggage rules

We explain the new baggage rules being strictly enforced by all Australian airlines.

Airlines unite on bag crackdown

Australian airlines have joined forces, putting into effect new rules to crack down on domestic passengers who exceed baggage limits.

No longer will you be able to board with an 11kg carry-on bag as, from now on, all bags will be weighed before boarding.

Virgin Australia will weigh all bags, including cabin luggage at check-in to ensure that passengers comply with the 7kg carry-on limits.

“We’re seeing injuries to our cabin crew caused by closing overhead lockers full of heavy baggage,” Mr Woosnam told The New Daily.

Last week, Qantas announced it would weigh all bags and had already started to weigh bags on domestic flights prior to this announcement. Passengers will now be limited to two pieces of cabin luggage – one carry-on bag and one personal item or bag – which has always been the rule, only now it’s clearer that each item can weigh up to 7kg each.

“Qantas offers the most generous amount of cabin baggage of any Australian airline and we know customers like the convenience of not having to check in luggage,” said a Qantas spokesperson.

“But we’re getting feedback from regular flyers who say all customers need to be reminded about how much luggage they can take on-board.”

Jetstar and Tigerair Australia have always been vigilant about carry-on weight limits, with many believing that charging super-high fees for overweight bags may be where the low-cost carriers actually make their money.

Low-cost carriers are much stricter with their carry-on rules, with all items taken on a plane, including laptops, coats and handbags, included in the weight limit.

There may now be charges for overweight bags and, unless they can come under prescribed weights, they will be stowed in cargo holds with checked luggage.

Are you sad to see this carry-on loophole go? Or are you pleased that the playing field is now levelled?



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    15th Dec 2018
    We flew to Nz last March and had the correct size and weight for our carry on luggage and before we took off some other people came in with really large luggage and mine was taken out of the overhead locker so theirs could be put in and mine ended up on the floor beside my legs.The Hostess didn't really do the right thing. I hope now they keep to their policy.
    15th Dec 2018
    Not "hostess" George. They are flight attendants. Have been for a long time.
    15th Dec 2018
    Hey, looks like there is a 2nd George now! Not the one (me) who has posted regularly. YLC needs to avoid Duplicates!
    15th Dec 2018
    So I, "original George", has changed my name to GeorgeM!
    BTW, I don't care about your PC rubbish, Rod63, Hostess sounds just fine it is not a bad word!
    The Other Judith
    16th Dec 2018
    Thanks GeorgeM! I tried months ago to change my name because there was another "Judith" I didn't really agree with and even emailed but they never got back to me. I just checked again because of your post and they have changed the settings. It had annoyed me so much I stopped posting until recently. Thanks again and I agree that it should not be possible to have duplicate nicknames.
    15th Dec 2018
    Maybe now the lockers near your seat won't be full of other people's carry on luggage.
    I have rarely needed to use the overhead lockers but have usually found them full already by the time I have got to my seat.
    Also it's annoying when a steward takes your luggage out for another passenger and takes it way down the plane to another free locker.
    15th Dec 2018
    Not "steward" Fiona. They are flight attendants. Have been for a long time.
    15th Dec 2018
    It's interesting in that over the years I've been taking less luggage. I go away maybe 3-4 times in Aussie per year and I can't help but notice that the bags I've bought have gotten better. The last one is one KG lighter than the previous. It's worthwhile looking at that because its even a touch bigger and a lot over our earliest one. I've come to the point where I have spare weight for 5 days in Cairns. And first into rent a car too (pre booked regular of course)
    15th Dec 2018
    I like QANTAS' rule - if this is about safety by not having any bag too heavy, then provided each is under 7kg all should be good.
    Having to include handbags, coats etc in a total weight limit, is silly.
    Karl Marx
    15th Dec 2018
    Wear your coat then it's not weighted, put it in a bag it will be weighted
    15th Dec 2018
    I have to agree: flying with United in the US we took conforming cabin luggage for a week-long break to avoid the risk of loss of checked luggage; but so many people over-filled the overhead lockers we were obliged to hand over our bags. United Airlines promptly lost them, and a change in proceedures meant we could not provide evidence of a claim at the airport so could not claim on our insuranc, nor secure emercency support, and being cabin baggage, were unlocked. We finally received pur luggage the day before leaving; so yes, I am all for applying these rules.
    15th Dec 2018
    Am so glad airlines are taking this seriously. There's nothing worse than your allotted space being taken by inconsiderate people. Rules are rules, I mentioned this pet hate on Frequent flyers site, so good onya mate!
    15th Dec 2018
    How does closing overhead lockers full of overweight luggage cause injury to flight crew? They have assisted people to heft the bags into the lockers for quite a number of years now so that can't be the reason.

    From the comments here most people seem to be confusing the size if the bag with perceived weight. Having a smaller bag removed to make way for a larger bag has little to nothing to do with weight. A small backpack stuffed with books could well weigh more than a bigger carry on suitcase.
    If weight safety is really the issue, then I am all for a universal ruling limiting weight but I would also like to see a reduction to the size of cabin luggage. There use to be a measure structure at airports for this purpose why not bring it back. Then everyone would have access to the limited storage space on board. Or ban on board luggage completely except for medications, reading matter and one hand held device per person.

    Then improve land based luggage retrieval systems to apoease those who simply cannot wait a few minutes for their bags.
    15th Dec 2018
    Oops that should read 'they have Not assisted people.....
    15th Dec 2018
    They are right about Jetstar making up their low fees by charging for cabin luggage.
    I had a carry on bag and a laptop. 7.3kilos in total. Charged $70 to take the laptop with me. The Jetstar person when handing me the receipt then said " have a nice flight'. Haven't used them since.
    15th Dec 2018
    Yes I had a recent instance where my bag was moved to put an overweight(both he and the flight attendant had trouble getting it off the floor and into the locker) I then asked to be moved or the bag moved as I did not feel safe sitting under that sort of weight, after some discussion it was moved, whereupon it started all over again.
    15th Dec 2018
    I hope this overweight cabin bag also refers to the passenger as well. Last trip with Qantas 4th December, sat next to me was a passenger approx 160-170kg. took his seat and 1/2 of my seat from Melb to Perth.
    Arrived home and greeted with an email "how was your trip today with Qantas". Discussed this Over weight male regarding paying for a seat and only getting 1/2. They could not give two squirts of Cocky. Tuff luck
    I watch the over size and over weight bags going into the locker because the passenger is too lazy to send it thro the hold in the plane. Quick getaway, stuff everyone else, I'm alright Jack. About time the airlines made the 7 Kg the limit no if's or butt's, over the 7 kg into the hold like it or lump it.
    16th Dec 2018
    Not before time. I cant understand how slack the airlines have been with these rules.
    16th Dec 2018
    I often fly around Asia and never encountered such a strict enforcement - I wonder if it's got to do with making some extra money for the airlines??? They are certainly losing customer good will, most people know what happens around the world. It's like our banks.....
    16th Dec 2018
    On a China Eastern Airline flight from Beijing to Xi'an, we had our carry on bags on our laps because the overhead lockers were full of live chickens in large cardboard boxes.
    16th Dec 2018
    Wish they would weigh the passengers. I am normal weight and loathe it when someone over weight takes half my space. I had to pay $60 for half a kilo as my hand bag was weighed and my carry on had medical c-pap machine inside. bit rough when the bloke in front of me must have weighed at least 150 kgs. In Europe with Ryan if you have a certificate the medical equipment goes free. Also my hand bag had a small bottle of water so I didn't have to pay the exorbitant price for a bottle ...HA HA
    11th May 2019
    Going to be great for local shop owners. Example, Lion Air in Indonesia cut the 20kg checked baggage... you now pay around $4/kg. Recent trip walking around shops you now by much less to take back.

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