Big price rises on the way for Aussie travellers in 2020: report

Travel prices within Australia set to rise by almost double the global average.

Big price rises on the way for Aussie travellers in 2020: report

Procrastinating Aussie travellers should pull their fingers out and plan their trips sooner rather than later, as a new report predicts that domestic travel prices are set to rise by almost twice the global average next year.

The 2020 Global Travel Forecast anticipates airfares, hotel rates and ground transport prices in Australia to grow by 4.7 per cent, 4.4 per cent and 0.6 per cent respectively.

And if that wasn’t worry enough, airfares and hotels will nearly double the 2.3 per cent global average.

However, report co-producers CWT Solutions Group Asia Pacific say Australian travel will still be propped up by the “weakened Australian dollar”.

“A lot of international routes are also opening up into Australia, and with more international travellers, there is a compression in the supply of hotel rooms in major cities, as well as secondary cities like Canberra and Brisbane,” said CWT Solutions Group Asia Pacific manager Jaclynn Kidd.

“However, we do see hotels reacting to this demand as more hotels are being built, and this situation is likely to stabilise towards the end of 2020 going into 2022.”

The report also warns of “a raft of uncertainties” that could affect prices.

“The risks and ambiguity have increased over the past few months – not least the threat of escalating trade wars, the impact of Brexit, possible oil supply shocks, and the growing likelihood of recession,” CWT President and CEO Kurt Ekert said.

Have you been putting off an Aussie holiday?

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    17th Aug 2019
    I don't do much travelling, but if I do, I won't be impacted by the increases as I usually drive or catch a train with my pensioner concession fares. Not a big fan of flying, anyway. The cost of flying to Sydney and then catching a train to my destination costs far more than driving the distance with only one refuelling stop. The other plus of driving is that I have my car to take me to where ever I want to go when I get to my destination rather than having to pay for a hire car :)
    17th Aug 2019
    Well if the article is correct you will pay more when you get there because hotel costs are also increasing by double the international costs too. No doubt your response is that you stay with family and friends right?
    17th Aug 2019
    One of the main reasons people go overseas is the high cost of having a holiday in Australia. A five day trip to Alice Springs and environs over Easter this year cost $2000 for one person and that was after significant discounted tour and hotel costs. The tour was camping - well more a little hut with a camp bed with a hotel room at the start and finish. But does not include costs such as meals or even water for that matter which cost over $5 for a bottle that would be less than one in any other town. For that you can have two weeks in Bali or Fiji or similar. And so people do. Frankly I don't blame them.
    17th Aug 2019
    My son was planing his holidays in Australia and after costing his trip to Queensland and compare to a week in koh Samui (Thailand) on a 5 start Hotel on the ocean he decide to go to Thailand and all included Air (Qantas)+hotel+Breakfast on the Sheraton was 20% cheaper than the same trip in Australia .. He works very hard and he say that is not prepare to give his money away ..... and you can not compare this with any place in Queensland for the price wowowowo

    18th Aug 2019
    Sounds like a report paid for by airlines esp Qantas, and other tourism vendors to push for increasing the prices! I can't see any of the reasons given as valid for increasing prices, e.g. "possible oil shocks" - how about waiting for the prices to actually rise?
    Also, I can't recall A.Joyce returning the previous fuel levies through reduced prices when oil prices dropped?
    Is it about protecting and increasing his massive and undeserved bonus after destroying Aussie jobs?

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