Several countries lining up for Aussie travel bubble

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The federal government is reportedly considering requests from several countries to form COVID-19 travel bubbles.

South Korea, Israel and Greece are among the nations that have proactively shown interest in creating a travel bubble with Australia, according to a Travel Talk report.

Indonesia also wants in on an Aussie bubble.

This could mean travellers itching to get overseas sooner than later could be on board direct flights between these countries with 14-day quarantine periods waived.

Japan and Singapore want to resume travel with Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed this week, and travel to Pacific Island nations also remains a possibility.

Hawaii has also expressed a desire to create a travel bubble with Australia.

This arrangement, in particular, would allow visitors to Hawaii to spend quarantine ‘on holiday’ in their resorts.

The PM also said discussions around a trans-Tasman travel bubble would resume soon.

But before you get too excited, the government insists any easing of travel restrictions would not prioritise the health of the tourism industry over public health and would be based on medical advice first and foremost.

“My number one priority is always going to be the health consideration and keeping Australians safe,” said tourism minister Simon Birmingham.

Expect the reopening of state borders before softening of international travel restrictions, too, as the government hopes to have borders reopened before Christmas.

Of the countries listed above, where would you travel first?

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  1. 0

    I have a Balinese friend who has told me things are still bad over there… they have lost thousands to Covid-19 but their government doesn’t keep records doesn’t insist on isolation. Many are in villages. I love Bali been going there since 1976 at the moment it isn’t even close to being on my radar for holidays. When this hit Indonesian government gave them no financial aid just 5 kilos rice 1 kilo oil. So that’s a NO to indonesia

  2. 0

    Love to go back to Hawai’i but the islands being a US domestic destination where everyone from the mainland US can fly to makes it questionable. The other Pacific destinations could be more attractive. Fiji and Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Samoa not having reported cases. In the meantime the north of Australia suits us fine, although Cairns is very quiet at the moment.

  3. 0

    Don’t want to go anywhere. Just want my children to be able to come to visit me. One wants to move back to Oz permanently, and I want that to be possible.

  4. 0

    My dad in the UK as just tol me a group of tourists got covid travel ing to Greece and now everyone on the same plane as to be tested. No wonder Greece is asking for the travel bubble.

  5. 0

    Surely common sense will prevail and Australia will only enter into a “travel bubble” with a country that has an acceptably low rate of covid 19 infections.
    Indonesia and Greece would be two countries to avoid, in fact there are very few countries at the moment that could be considered to be “safe” and England is certainly one of them altho’ the other countries in the U.K are not quite so bad.

  6. 0

    None, thanks. Sticking to Aussie when the borders are opened again!

  7. 0

    I am hoping the uk becomes one of them, when it is safe. So many people have family’s over there. I don’t care about travelling anywhere else.

  8. 0

    Thailand 100 days without any local tramsmittion. The few that test positive are Thai returnees in 14 day mandatory quarantine.
    Tailand still has all air, land & sea borders closed to tourists.

    • 0

      Correct mate and that is the reason why Thailand is a self contain country and totally safe from COVID-19 because people help each other and share food and other needs including small money …. and all part of the culture and it is great and very very safe for all ….. so congrats to Thailand …..

    • 0

      Agree with you. Thailand would be an ideal destination for Australians free of the virus.

  9. 0

    None. I have no hankering to travel to any of them. I’m trying to save for my next 12 week trip to the UK/Ireland. And, no, I’m not thinking of flying ‘cattle class’, either. I need to stretch out and have a lie-flat bed, in both directions, thanks.

    • 0

      Wonder how you are able to do that, SuziJ, as on other comments in these pages you say you haven’t 2 bob to rob together etc. 12 weeks away and roughly $16’000 return to the UK for the flat bed fare. Maybe you might enlighten us, we could do the same.

    • 0

      I paid 5,600 for business class to uk return not 16, 000 Mariner. You have to shop online and book early. I stay with my parents so no accommodation cost.

    • 0

      Business class yes but the flat bed is 1st Class. Travelled business class a few times but never in the flat-bed section, Jan. I know about booking early, have always done so and that is the reason the airline has the money till next year and I am still here. Nobody is flying out – I could leave on another passport but stay away for as long as the virus lasts or do 14 days in purgatory coming home. Having parents over there you are probably a dual citizen as well so you can go ahead.

  10. 0

    Pointless to be thinking about international travel when we cannot travel within Australia. There are no guarantees state borders will be fully open by Decamber. That being the case, accepting international travellers with no quarantine seems foolhardy.

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