Flight Centre about to change the way you plan your holiday

Flight Centre is about to shake up the travel world and change travel booking forever.

Flight Centre ups its game

Australia’s largest travel agency has acquired a tech company which has already shaken up the travel world with its innovations in travel booking and itinerary creation.

Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) acquisition of Canadian company, Umapped, could change the way you plan your next holiday.

Umapped provides travel documentation, communication and itinerary management software to the travel industry.

Incorporating Umapped into FCTG’s existing web and mobile infrastructure will set Flight Centre apart from the crowd when it comes to providing booking services to consumers.

While consultants will be the immediate beneficiaries of the new software, consumers will enjoy improved communication, consolidated bookings and real-time location data through the new Trip Publisher itinerary builder.

Travellers and consultants will have access to all quotes and documentation, as well as interactive features such as real-time chat and updates.

“We have been impressed with the platform and believe it can have a positive impact on our consultants’ productivity and on our customer’s travel experiences,” said FCTG CEO Graham Turner.

“We hope to deploy unmapped software in several countries within a year.”

Have you booked travel with Flight Centre? How was your experience? Would you recommend Flight Centre to our members?



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    13th Oct 2018
    You ask whether I would recommend Flight Centre - Absolutely not. I would strongly recommend that people avoid them like the plague. Their ads are deliberately misleading. They sell products with all sorts of unseen necessary costs that are added later in the process. Their whole business is based on conning the public, not helping them.
    13th Oct 2018
    Not sure how the software is going to benefit anybody.
    We've had mixed success with FlighCentre. My biggest gripe is the bait advertising and the multiple businesses all owned by the same franchise. They often leave out the details and want to get a foot in the door. Sometimes a good advertised price is because they use to be avoided carriers like Malaysian Airlines and Chinese carriers both of which are to be avoided. If personal experience is anything to go by then these airlines need to be outlawed in Australia given the level of incompetence and dishonesty in some.
    Having said that we did buy some reasonably priced flights but FlightCentre nevertheless has the same flights as those available online albeit at a slightly lower price.
    14th Oct 2018
    I agree with you 'slow'.

    I've done some research, and found there was $1.36 difference for a BA Business Class flight (FC cheaper), but why would you take the cheaper option if there was a difference in luggage allowances? BA has 2 x 32kg bags on both legs, but FC had 1 x 32 kg bag on the forward journey and 2 x 32kg bags on the return - it just doesn't make any sense!

    If you want to book with FC, then you take this type of risk.

    I wouldn't fly with just 'any' airline. Give me a well-known airline. It may be more expensive, but you know what you get, not like the cheaper airlines which can take over 30 hours to get from SYD - LHR, whereas BA can get you to LHR within 24 hours via Singapore.

    Mick, FC had our flights in 2013 for $150 pp above the airline itself! Challenged them to match the price, and they did go $1 cheaper. They did a good job, but I wouldn't trust them with our accommodation, though.
    13th Oct 2018
    I have always found Flight Centre expensive comoared to other travel agents.
    13th Oct 2018
    I prefer to do my own travel arrangements, thank you. Then I'm in control of the booking process, not anyone else.
    13th Oct 2018
    Have found when things go wrong...and they can....if you book through a travel agent you get a lot more help than if you go it alone doing your own arrangements.

    I know from past experience.
    14th Oct 2018
    I also know from past experience that the travel agent can get it massively wrong, too. Never again!

    How can a travel agent do all the accommodation booking for a 13 week UK trip and not get anything wrong? They can't. This is why I do all my accommodation bookings myself. Then I know that all the information is correct.

    I refuse to pay agent's excessive fees for transactions in foreign currency. I transfer the funds I need to the GBP/Euro 'wallets' on my Travel Card, then I can pay in the currency required with no extra costs.

    Never had any problems with the accommodation whilst travelling, as all the bookings were paid for at the time of booking.
    13th Oct 2018
    Why have I been unsubscribed ? ?
    Norma Jeane
    13th Oct 2018
    I always use Flight Centre, know the consultant and she is so helpful and always smiling and willing. I usually check all costs myself and then ask her to match the price. This is never a problem, but I have the advantage of having someone to help if things go wrong.
    14th Oct 2018
    We used Flightcentre a number of times, we had a good consultant who would absorb things like credit card fees. We would always go there with our itinerary worked out, internet fare quotes. We'd ask can you match or beat this? They never could but the extra $100 or so was worth the insurance that the flights were real. Then the role was taken over by a woman who told us where and how to travel and what we would and wouldn't like. We now book with an independant who listens to where and how we want to travel but I do miss the Flightcentre's clear, bold type air tickets.

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