Hong Kong puts Australia on ‘travel bubble’ shortlist

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Hong Kong is the latest country to want Australia as a travel bubble destination.

The ‘Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China’ joins around eight to 10 other nations that have shown interest in creating a travel bubble with Australia.

The Hong Kong government says Australia, along with eight other countries, is part of its travel bubble aspirations.

However, COVID tests would be required at both ends of any journey between these nations.

Commerce minister Edward Yau Tang-wah said discussions were already underway with each country to determine what testing systems could be put in place for arriving and departing passengers, according to an Executive Traveller report.

“We need to ensure that a coronavirus test – that is mutually recognised – can be carried out before travelling, and another verification is needed after arrival,” said Mr Yau.

“Our health authorities would then proceed to further discussion with those countries.”

Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong

The other countries being considered are dotted around Asia, the Pacific and Europe where the pandemic is “under better control”, he added.

So far, the list includes Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand Vietnam, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Talks are already underway with Japan and Thailand.

“These are places with which we have made initial contact, but whether travel bubbles can be established … would depend on a host of factors, including the epidemic situation and its containment in respective places,” said Mr Yau.

“Of course the timetable will be a matter of bilateral agreement between Hong Kong and partnering countries. It all depends on how ready and comfortable both parties are with the situation.”

He also said “there will be no compromise on any sort of risk”.

“I think we would of course err on the safe side,” said Mr Yau.

The South China Morning Post this week reported that the city recorded the lowest number of daily infections for more than two months.

Would you be keen to visit Hong Kong under travel bubble rules?

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Total Comments: 11
  1. 0

    This bubble proposal with Hong Kong is a way for mainland chinese to enter Australia. They do not care about us and will try anything to satisfy their domination of nearby countries.

  2. 0

    Hong Kong? Seriously? Take your teargas mask with you as essential item? Prepare for a long stay, courtesy of the Chinese Government?

    Allow Chinese into Australia? (yes, but only if they are big scale Liberal Party donors…)

    I suggest not.

  3. 0

    No way would I go to Hong Kong nor do I think they should be permitted to vibe to Australia. I lived there for six years. Things there are now drastically different. Open us up to Hong Jing and your are opening us up to China where this virus came from! A country that certainly doesn’t have our best interests in their sight.

  4. 0

    Apologises for the typos. Using my iPhone!

  5. 0

    Does it mean that if I go to one of these bubbles that on arrival I follow their rules for entry etc then jump on a plane to the Philippines instead of coming back to Australia. We are still not allowed to leave the country so maybe that’s a way.

  6. 0

    Why would anyone in their right mind even think about travel to Hong Kong considering the state it is in at present. Hong Kong will never be a place to visit from now on.

  7. 0

    No way Jose, not a thing, Jin Ping

  8. 0

    Great idea. I’m sure QLD tourism operators and hotels would love to have the HK tourists back before they go completely broke. A lot of people commenting here have no idea about the situation in HK. From someone living there…..
    HK has a lot less Covid than Australian cities right back to late January when restrictions were put in. Eight months later, masks are still mandatory and only 4 people can meet outside or sit together in a restaurant.
    There are only a handful of cases each day and they can trace them very quickly using mobile technology in a couple of hours rather than days in Australia.
    Only HK people can catch planes out of HK and only to countries where they have citizenship.
    People from China are not allowed into HK and vice-versa unless they have a valid business or family reason, and they must do a Covid test either side of the border with the results available in a couple of hours.

    For these reason HK is much safer than Australia for Covid, the problem will be whether Australia can meet the same level of safety.

    • 0

      Forget it. QLD doesnt allow other Australians in for a couple of hours for a funeral never mind people from Hong Kong for a two weeks holiday.

      And I agree with those thinking China will use it as a back door route for mainland China. After all they have already taken over the Government and anyone going is now at risk of arbitary arrest and detention.

  9. 0

    Would like Switzerland in the bubble, both my sisters are living there. They cannot visit me here and I cannot see them there and we are all getting older.



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