A super handy gadget to keep all your bags in check

This handy and affordable accessory will help to keep all your bags in check.

Keep your bags in check

So you’ve got some baggage, maybe a lot of baggage, or maybe you get stressed dragging your belongings from A to B. This gadget is for you.

Meet Travelon Multi-Bag Stacker. It’s basically a procession of straps and clips that will connect your suitcases and keep them all together, allowing you and them to smoothly move along. It also makes it easier for you to keep track of your luggage and much harder for anyone else to subtly sneak off with it.

It’ll cost you just under $12 from Amazon, but it might save you a world of stress because, let’s face it, there are already enough things to worry about when you’re rushing through airports, searching for your accommodation or exploring a foreign city.



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    I can remember when
    17th Nov 2018
    You should mark ads as ads, regurgitated spam as spam, interesting finds online as interesting finds online. At the very least buy one and test it well.

    Has the author actually used one of these?

    All that added weight is now acting on one handle - are you sure the handle can take that strain of 70 kg? What about 4-wheel bags - can two spinner wheels take that weight? How easy do you reckon that is to turn 180 degrees or go around corners without the laws of physics making them swing out at the bottom? And that fourth bag can't be carried with the strap - it only links 3 bags and the strap is not adjustable between the first two so it won't work with two large bags well and a lot of people with more that one bag take two or three large bags not large, medium and carry on. Also plenty of reviews say the straps are adjustable but slide back down all the time if the bag is not also touching the ground.
    17th Nov 2018
    I'd suggest that if you are going to travel with this much crap, then you have way way overpacked and set yourself up for any number of disasters, a bad back ache being the least of your worries.

    19th Nov 2018
    Ever heard of a trolley

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