Study reveals the most common causes of airport delays

Who knew beards would cause so much damage to our holidays?

Study reveals the most common causes of airport delays

A UK study has revealed the most common cause of delays in ePassport gates.

The study, conducted by UK retailer Feel Good Contacts, found that ePassport gates were most often fooled by facial hair.

But it wasn’t just beards that baffled e-gates: people who were overweight or underweight and those with facial piercing were also responsible for long waits in airport queues.

According to the numbers, in the past 12 months alone, more than half a million passengers arriving into Britain have failed these tests, leading to wait times totalling almost 380 days over the course of a year.

With seven new countries about to start accessing e-gate technology at airports, that number will only grow – unless passengers prevent their facial hair and bellies from growing.

“With the announcement that additional passengers from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA are now able to use the ePassport gates at UK airports, the waiting times for ePassport gates looks only set to rise in the coming months,” said Feel Good Contacts managing director Nimesh Shah.

“Based on the figures from this research and the assumption that a failed check could cause up to a minute delay – though it could be more – this equates to an overall delay of just under 380 days per year.

“Facial recognition is no doubt one of the most important developments in airport security in recent years, but it’s important to remember that errors can still be made, particularly if a passenger’s passport photo is particularly old!”

According to Matt Lewis, a research director at cybersecurity and risk mitigation company, NCC Group, even factors such as mood, alertness, ‘physical conditions’ and hangovers can play a part in failing a test, says Travel Talk.

Have you ever been delayed by a beard? Would you ever have believed a beard could be the cause of so much trouble?

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    6th Jul 2019
    Never been delayed by a beard, but I certainly understand that they can play a major part in delays.

    I personally don't like beards, but it's the wearer's choice.

    I have to watch a person's lips when they're speaking (hearing problem), and if they wear a beard, I cannot see their lips properly and words can be misheard.
    Karl Marx
    6th Jul 2019
    I fail everytime at Australian immigration outbound as I lost 15kg since my passport was issued. No issues coming back into Australia so maybe they have different systems in place don't know.

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