Cringe-worthy CommGames

Cringe-worthy or just very Aussie? Bizarre moments from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games confused the rest of the world.

And are our team uniforms the mix of rugged elegance, beach and sunshine that Commonwealth Games Australia Chief Executive Craig Phillips claims they are, or are they just a throwback to an awkward fitting primary school uniform?

Our uniforms have been slammed internationally. At least this year’s uniform is an improvement on that of the 2014 team. Do these bomber-jackets and high-neck knits belong to any particular era, if any?

Here is Ricki-Lee Coulter, an ex-reality TV show star, being carried on a surfboard by a mass of lifesavers in front of 45,000 people. How, and why did this happen?

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What’s more Aussie than 100 dancers in bathers, twirling towels, surfboards and inflatable toys around at night, on a fake sandy beach in front of the whole world?

The performance even featured dancers getting changed behind towels … we get it already … you’re a beach state.

Meet Migaloo, the giant inflatable white whale who was suspended above the heads of performers, based on a real, albino whale, who travels the east coast of the country.

Maybe extravagant and bizarre opening displays are an Aussie tradition! Do you remember Matilda? The giant blinking kangaroo mascot from the 1982 Commonwealth Games who stared down the crowd and made international headlines.

How did you rate the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony?

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