Where will you pay the most for a cup of coffee?

Discover who topped the list for eye-watering latte prices.

Most expensive coffee in the world?

Where in the world will you pay the most for a cup of coffee? It depends who you ask. Financial consultants UBS asked their ‘local experts’ how much an average long black costs in their city.

They found that Doha, the capital of Qatar, had the most expensive coffee in the world, where a long black will set you back about $8.40 AUD. The runner-up was Copenhagen, with $8.19 for a long black, and in third place Dubai, where a coffee costs $7.48. UBS’s local Aussie experts weren’t too busy drinking some of the best lattes in the world to place Sydney at number 31 on the list.

If you thought that was the end of the debate, remember how we said it depends who you ask? The Starbucks Index compiles the cost of a Starbucks latte in 75 countries across the world, to check whether the country’s currency is indicative of the cost of living in that country – and it turns out it’s a pretty accurate measure.

By the Starbucks Index, you will pay $8.04 for a café latte in Switzerland, the most expensive Starbucks in the world. Next, in descending order, are Copenhagen, Helsinki, Brussels and Stockholm. No surprises there, as these Nordic countries are known to have some of the highest living costs in the world. On this list, Sydney rates as the 15th most expensive coffee in the world.

What do you think? Would you pay over $8 for a long black? Or would you do without, at those eye-watering prices?



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    25th Jun 2018
    A cappuccino in Bellagio, Italy - 5 euros (AU7.69) and opposite the Duomo in Milan - 15 euros ($23.00).
    But then Italian business is known for thieving and fleecing tourists. You even have to pay to pee. Had a few dreadful experiences with merchants trying it on and we will never again return to Italy. Better places to go where you are welcome and respected.
    25th Jun 2018
    Strange as I've always had a great time in Italy no matter where except once in Naples. Of course you'll pay in the heart of anywhere and especially for fancy coffee you sit down to enjoy. You pay to sit not for the coffee.

    I never do that in Italy though. Stand up and toss down an espresso with the locals and it's cheap. Grab a cheap slice of pizza to go and that's perfect.
    Chris B T
    25th Jun 2018
    Strange sort of Commentary as most of this Forum is about How Bad Off or Broke one is.
    If you can afford to Pay those sort of Prices for a Cup of Coffee no need to complain about anything On This Site.These prices are mainly overseas so travelling costs or frequently travelling is of no problem with every day expenses.
    Just strange!!!
    25th Jun 2018
    I stopped drinking coffee when prices hit 4$, have my fix at home instead.
    26th Jun 2018
    Mick: i've just returned from Italy and there are some things to always remember. Not all merchants are trying to scam you. There are scammers everywhere. You simply need to check prices or ask how much then count your change. The golden rule is avoid eating and drinking in view of monuments. There are always more economical alternatives around the corner. When it comes to using the bathroom, buy a coffee at the bar and use their toilet.

    It would be shame to boycott such a beautiful country due to a dishonest few.

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