New Qantas alliance could lead to lower fares

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Qantas’ joint venture with American Airlines (AA), pending a final decision from the US Department of Transportation (DOT), will better serve customers flying between Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

According to ETB Travel News, final approval of the partnership will allow Qantas and AA to deliver new routes and offer significant benefits, such as:

  • new routes and flights to new destinations, including to city pairs not currently served by either carrier
  • expanded codeshare enabling more connections to more destinations
  • reduced total travel time
  • better access to seats on each carrier’s network
  • lower fares
  • additional frequent flyer benefits, including higher earn rates for points on each other’s networks, increased redemption opportunities and improved reciprocal recognition of top-tier frequent flyers
  • co-location at airports, investments in lounges, baggage systems and other infrastructure.


Qantas and AA intend to launch several new routes within the first two years of the proposed joint business, with two new Qantas routes – Brisbane-Chicago and Brisbane-San Francisco – expected to be implemented immediately after approval.

“As was evident in the unprecedented level of public support for this application, the joint business will also create additional jobs at our respective companies and in the industries we serve,” said Doug Parker, American’s chairman and CEO.

“We thank Secretary Chao and the DOT for their careful consideration and look forward to final approval in the coming weeks.”

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said: “Both airlines submitted a compelling proposal to the DOT that would bring significant benefits to millions of travellers and a boost to tourism.

“For more than 30 years, Qantas and American have connected the US and Australia as partners. This joint business means that we’ll be able to deepen this partnership to offer new routes, better flight connections and more frequent-flyer benefits.”

The final decision from the DOT is expected in the next few weeks.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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  1. 0

    These ‘alliances’ have been going for years; it’s more quasi price fixing mechanism to control the market. Qantas has been short-shifting Australians with dodgy points programs for years and the current management has paid little company tax, by tax minimisation to transfer costs on to us all, yet uses infrastructure paid for by the people.
    Qantas is un-Australian and aligning with the Americans is treachery.

    • 0

      To be fair a large percentage of the tax-free run was during re-equipment, which is costly. No real credit to the short Irishman there, since it is a natural part of any industry relying on machinery, and thus at some time was inevitable… certainly not worth the massive bonus they paid the little rat.

      Jeez – maybe next time I buy a new car and make myself more efficient in terms of running costs and maintenance I should get a mega bonus….. but think of the mechanics thrown out of work… (snuckles)……

    • 0

      All good, and spot-on comments, above and below…what more can one say!
      We need a new national airline, or at least a new CEO for this one!

  2. 0

    Agree danielboonip. Qantas went for years paying no tax at all, not very Australian ripping of the Australian taxpayer.

    • 0

      .. and dumping staff like leftover fuel in an emergency … I know more than one who was shafted by the Wee Irishman …. most are not very happy ….

  3. 0

    Welcome to One World Airlines, servicing the global economy for twenty years…

  4. 0

    … I know more than one who was shafted by the Wee Irishman …. HA HA Good one TREBOR Lets hope they weren’t shafted another way by this horrible sleezy little Homosexual. I will never fly Qantas after the way above mentioned sleeze interfered in the
    Israel Folau affair threatening to remove sponsorship and denying free speech.

  5. 0

    The Qantas and Jet Star brand are suffering big time. Jet Star is a very very poor airline, and Qantas is lagging a close second. Why? Their front line staff are treated poorly, and they certainly do not feel valued by their management. Thee appears to be an ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ war between the management and front line airline personnel. As a result, we see the unhappiness on the faces, and attitudes, of the air hosts and hostesses, when we fly, and who can ruin our holiday travel experience/s. Ie on one flight I received a great service, but on returning it was obvious the air host did not want to be there and which reflected the poor service they delivered, and which deflated my travel experience. Qantas need to realise their front line staff are their best asset.

  6. 0

    I stopped flying QANTAS and cancelled my club membership when the little shirt lifter grounded the fleet in 2011



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