Qantas accused of ignoring crew wellbeing and passenger safety

Qantas has been accused of ignoring the wellbeing of its crew and passenger safety.

Qantas accused of ignoring crew wellbeing and passenger safety

Britain’s largest airline union has accused Qantas of ignoring the wellbeing of its in-flight crew on its longest continuous flight route launched in March this year.

The British union, Unite, has raised concerns over the health and safety of UK-based crews on the 17-hour long flight between Perth and London.

It has also accused Qantas of ‘anti-union’ tactics in trying to quell Unite’s concerns.

In a statement, the union expresses fears that the 10-person crew does not have enough time between flights to fully wind down and recharge before its average 19-hour duty period.

The union says that the 25-hour rest period before the flight home is not long enough. Adequate time for rest is essential so that the crew “are fully able to complete their safety-critical functions without impairment whilst operating on board an aircraft”, it added.

The union claims the current rest period is likely to result in fatigue.

It says that the airline is trying to dismiss these concerns, with Qantas’ cabin crew UK-based  manager, Dannielle Morgan, allegedly claiming it is simply a case of cabin crew taking time to “transition into new flying”.

Ms Morgan also claims that the conversation between Unite and crew members is “unreasonable union activity”, drawing parallels with a previous dispute that saw workers locked out in 2011.

Qantas was quick to allay any concerns over crew wellbeing and passenger safety.

“Making sure our crew have enough rest is important to us and something we’re very used to managing given our experience with ultra-long-haul flying,” a Qantas spokesperson told Travel Weekly.

“These crew had previously been operating around seven hours of flying between London and Dubai, so we’re conscious there is a period of adjustment.

“Safety is always our main priority and we’re committed to working through any concerns constructively.”

Do you ever notice that your cabin crew is tired?



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    2nd Jun 2018
    Perhaps this Dannielle Morgan could do a fortnight of that shift and then be questioned, - with lie detector, - to see if she sings the same tune..
    2nd Jun 2018
    Agree. Also, notice that there is a current practices of spokeswomen / female Board members being assigned the job of peddling cover-ups and lies and pretending all is OK - e.g. Sarah Sanders lasted a long time with Trump, the many Board Members and Chairwomen involved in the Banking RC revelations. Wonder if they are more pliable and willing to take on such cover-up / PR jobs.
    2nd Jun 2018
    had a flight on American Airlines from Lima to Miami awhile ago and the crew were backing up an outward flight. They were tired to the point of being cranky and uncaring. I wont travel with an airline that flogs it's crew who I felt sorry for regardless of the lack of service.

    2nd Jun 2018
    Safety is of course paramount - and that is the basis of Union claims in this instance. There MUST be standards guidelines from IATA - no mention whether such guidelines are being adhered to - IATA being well-known to be very poor in enforcing guidelines.

    Also, Qantas is an airline with run-down quality (seen in several international / domestic flights), with staff who don't want to care for passengers (not sure if they are tired or simply not trained or selected suitably) - this has been the case ever since A.Joyce took over when he attacked unions and has increased his pay to an obscene level ($20 Mil) - he MUST GO before the culture changes and we get a serious Australian airline once again which we can be proud of and create confidence in fliers.
    3rd Jun 2018
    My son in law is an aircraft engineer with Qantas for the last 20 years. Some of the stories he told me have horiffied me to the extent I won't fly with them. Haven't for almost 20 years. In my opinion they are an overated, overpriced airline. I fly to UK regularly and there are a lot of airlines which are better priced with more polite cabin crew.

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