Seven ways you’re guaranteed to annoy hotel staff

Want to get on a hotel’s bad side? Here are the buttons to push …

Seven ways you’re guaranteed to annoy hotel staff

Running a hotel would be hard work. Front-desk staff are paid to smile in the face of often rude customers, porters to run heavy bags around myriad halls and elevators, kitchen staff to keep hangry diners happy and imagine how tough a job housekeepers have.

And while the job itself is tiring, there are even more ways you can really annoy hotel staff, such as …

1. Thinking the rules don’t apply to you
If breakfast runs from 7am to 10am, make sure you’re there between those times. Don’t take extra guests to your room, use the pool after hours or smoke on the balcony. Hotel staff often have to deal with complaints from guests who, thinking that because they are paying customers, also think they are above these laws.

2. Expecting early check-in and late check-out
Timing is everything when running a hotel, so you arriving at 11am for a 2.30pm check-in or, conversely, checking out at 12pm when check-out is at 10.30am really throws a spanner in a hotel operation’s works.

3. Complaining for upgrades
Complaining about minor issues in order to score an upgrade is the fastest way to finding foreign matter in your room service meal. Not really, but, unless you have a major grievance, don’t expect an upgrade. It’s not fair to expect a quiet room on a main street in a busy city, so using that as a basis for requesting an upgrade makes life very tough for hotel staff. A hotel’s reputation is crucial and the threat of bad reviews constantly hangs over them, so dealing with false complaints is just petty and unfair, and really peeves people off.

4. Misusing towels
Towels are for drying off after a shower, not cleaning up red wine spills or removing your make-up. And with so many hotels trying to do the environmentally responsible thing when it comes to towels, guests should treat hotel towels as they would their ones at home – i.e., you don’t wash your home towels every day, so why expect the hotel to do that for you?

5. Living in sloth
Yes, your room will be cleaned every day, unless you request otherwise, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your clothes or rubbish lying around everywhere or make no effort to clean after yourself. It’s not only poor form, but a hassle for hotel workers and also disrespectful.

6. Not tipping hotel staff
It’s common courtesy to tip hotel staff. This includes bell-boys, porters, concierges and housekeepers. News of non-tippers travels fast around a hotel, so look after the staff and they will look after you.

7. Being rude
Want to annoy the staff from the get-go? Try staying on your phone through check-in, or talking to check-in staff like they are lowly beings, or forgetting to say please and thank you.

Same goes for being overly demanding. Just because you’re paying to stay somewhere, doesn’t mean you get to treat the staff like servants. If you’re nice to them, they’ll look after you, but don’t expect them to go above and beyond just because you paid a room rate.

Have you ever noticed how much better staff treat you if you’re nice to them? Have you ever had an awkward hotel staff experience?

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    14th Nov 2019
    Travelodge in the UK have a GBP10 charge for early check-in or late check-out. I think this is a fair charge.

    Why would you be wanting to wait around for check-in @ 3pm when you arrive @ 5.10am? Paying something small for the privilege would be well worth it. Then only thing that you'd have to consider is that you'd have to contact the hotel and arrange it at least 7 days in advance so that they can make sure your room would be ready for you to check-in early.
    14th Nov 2019
    Tip the staff? You're living in the US of A leon. Australian workers are not paid $10 an hour and tipping is not the norm unless things have changed recently. In America tipping is built into the wage because average people are financially abused. Its what the current government has been trying to put in place in Australia for decades. Luckily they've only managed to destroy full time jobs so far and force casual jobs onto to workers. More to come.

    I've never had a problem with hotel staff in any country other than in Kyoto, Japan where the person at the desk tried to charge me a different rate to what had been booked. Other than that staff are indeed courteous and we are likewise in return.
    Most of your list is common sense and decency. Oh yes....many Australians have abandoned decency and believe they, and their misbehaviour, are at the centre of the universe. So it is with genY, or a good section of this cohort to be fair.

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